EasyDelivery21 ePOS

Handy ePOS system sutitable for Grocery Stores, Fruits, Bakery, Sweet Shop, Vegetables, Textile, Home-made food, Cake shops, Electronics, Ayurveda & Natural medicine, many more..

INR 7,000
(per outlet / year)
  • 10 Named Users
  • Customer App
  • Digital Catalog
  • Get Direct Orders
  • Delivery/Pick Up
  • Order Management
  • Billing & Feedback
  • Discounts
  • Loyalty points
  • Dashboard
  • Revenue Reports

Do you have a Question?

Q. What is EasyDelivery21?

Handy ePOS system suitable for selling all types of products – Grocery, Food, Vegetables, Sweets, Textile, Bakery, Home-made foods and many more.. which can save cost significantly. Smart phone friendly user interface that can be accessed practically on almost any smart phone or tablet devices – Android/iPhone/iPad

Q. Why EasyDelivery21?

EasyDelivery21’s main aim is to provide simple yet affordable online order management system to any kind of Grocery Store, Bakery, Vegetables, etc. in any city with less or not technical challenges to the end user

Q. Who can use EasyDelivery21?

Any Food Joint, Cloud Kitchen, Bakery, Sweet Shop, Grocery store, Ice Cream Parlours, Food Trucks, Drive Through Restaurants, High-Way Restaurants, QSR, Cafes, Fast Food, Sweet shops, Textiles.

Q. How EasyDelivery21 comes with affordable cost even for Small businesses?

EasyDelivery21 come with Customer App, Billing System (POS) as a single integrated system. One unified system for customers and sellers with hassle free data management.